The Responsible Values of French Luxury Leather Goods ZAKUA

The diary of ZAKUA xx




( Luxurious biarrote fashion house )

At ZAKUA, we take care of our precious community. That’s why we want you to have complete transparency on how we work with our partners to create the styles of handbags (and leather accessories) that then land for you in our online store.

Through a look behind the scenes of the making of our first AH21-22 collection, inspired by Biarritz and its rich history, we introduce you to our team. We are grateful for the relationships we have with all our wonderful partners without whom the ZAKUA magic would not work.

Z A K U A. It’s Time to Make Responsible Decisions.

Our top-quality Basque leather goods designer brand ZAKUA Biarritz (pronounced /sakwa/) supports the efforts made by artisans in our regions to preserve and innovate traditional techniques in new designs, focusing on several fundamental factors.

Among them are the value of proximity to our suppliers and partners (depending on the location of a collection) for sustainable development, social and environmental responsibility, as well as the safeguarding and enhancement of French know-how of excellence — as France’s intangible cultural heritage.

#1 : A Rigorous Selection of Skins, with a Striking Aesthetics, for Exceptional Leather Handbags

ZAKUA has made the choice ofhandmade real leather to compensate for the current defects of vegetable matter in terms of appearance and durability. In order to justify this decision, on the other hand, we only select leathers from the best houses or workshops. Known for their talents, as well as their principles.

Nothing is lost, nothing is created,

everything changes

Thus, for the Taurillon skins of our fashion collection “Elegance in Biarritz” our preference was unequivocally for the eminent house CARRIAT: the Rémy Carriat Tannery in Espelette. An institution that has become a master in the manufacture of leather and has been perpetuating the traditions of yesteryear since 1927.

Carriat craftsmen are passionate about their trade and combine their exceptional know-how with the most advanced technologies. By working closely with them, we explore new ways to create well-made pieces with unparalleled textures and shapes. Their leather is supple, bright, and the house has an incredible range of colours. An ideal base for shaping our ZAKUA bags and luxury small leather goods.

As far as lamb skins are concerned, it is the Bodin-Joyeux house, in Levroux, which is our beloved tanner. Bred to be consumed, the animal hides (from sheep, ewes and lambs) they use are in fact reused to be transformed … into pure treasures of our beautiful country!

The Bodin-Joyeux megisserie, which was founded in 1860, is one of the cream of the cream of luxury craftsmanship made in France. Now belonging to the Chanel group, she has nothing more to prove in this market. It also aligns its approach with that of responsible companies with the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) and Métiers d’Arts (Métiers d’Arts) labels. Exemplary.

#2 : A Recognized Textile Manufacturer and a Solid Hand Assembly Work to Assemble Leather Goods of Character

Our fabrics (striped canvas ZAKUA for the linings of our bag Marcelle and printed canvas for the shoulder straps and handles of our women’s bags) are manufactured by Subliconcept in Mauléon, in the French Basque Country. The company is part of the collective “Savoir Faire Ensemble,” well known in the world of fashion and luxury goods.

As for the assembly of our top-of-the-range leather goods, it is carried out by ZAKUA with the manufacture Troyenne de Maroquinerie. After a detailed study of our designer’s sketches, the saddlery sewing specialists make our models with the greatest care, giving birth to durable leather goods, all solidly crafted by hand. La Fabrique holds the label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV).

#3 : Brand Signature Clasps, Accessories and Custom Engravings for the Personalization of our Bags and Luxury Products ZAKUA

For three generations, Mettetal Création in Saint-Julien-du-Sault has been making quality metal accessories for the fine leather and apparel industries. It is she who made our moulds and fabulous bespoke clasps signed ZAKUA, whose gilded clasps contain pure gold.

It is she who made our moulds and fabulous bespoke clasps signed ZAKUA, whose gilded clasps contain pure gold. Still in this same town in the South-West of France, is our partner BFM — supplier of the Z A K U A mast and its symbolic shell.

When it comes to the personalization and marking of our accessories, it is the engraver KMS in Louhossoa who is our outstanding craftsman and artist. He makes the most beautiful engravings on our sliders, carabiners and belt buckles. A good address, hidden between the green hills of the Basque country.

Other Acknowledgements

Our YKK zippers (zip fasteners) are supplied by the haberdashery Fournitures Diffusion in Paris. Our magnetic boxes (BOXS Paris); the ribbon wrapping the boxes by Ruban by Design in Toulouse. We would also like to thank the self-employed Petit Amor which makes the pouches in its workshop in Biarritz, the company Brodfil in Anglet, which embroiders these and Blackbird in Biarritz for the prints of our tote bags.

With love — xx ZAKUA