Emergence of a Jewel in Biarritz: ZAKUA Luxury Leather Goods





( Luxury leather goods & Secret pearl of the city of Biarritz )

New luxury handbag house 100% French, the iconic ZAKUA embodies the dreams and aspirations of a seaside town out of the ordinary. From its large golden beach of warm sand that caresses your feet to the waterfront cafe accompanied by the soft song of birds and the lapping of the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, our first collection – “Elegance in Biarritz” with its limited series Summer 2021 – takes you on an endless cultural journey.

French Leather Goods Travel Inspiration

The Z A K U A world opens the doors of its Garden of Eden, its paradise of styles, awakening Biarritz through its official online shop for shipwrecked goddesses and other modern earthly muses. Our dazzling range of fine leather goods is perfectly balanced, designed like little jewels with the adoption of sustainable and ethical practices. So that you love them, cherish them even more each day.

The Legendary Designs of the Universe Z A K U A

We are proud to join tomorrow’s visionaries and leading brands in the contemporary fashionand luxury industry, distinguishing ourselves by promoting stunning pieces of dazzling superior quality. Jewelry sculpted in gold, always with meticulous finishes and meticulously worked textures, which we design and then produce in collaboration with our distinguished partners whose know-how is incomparable in France and abroad.

Limited Series Summer 2021 : Divine Handbags

For this Summer 2021 limited series, ZAKUA takes you to the Basque Coast and captures its beauty, enclosing its essence forever in unpublished works.

When you wear one of our crafts bags, you just look radiant. Like a candle with a bright light in the night. Immediately you travel and imagine yourself on this esplanade of the restaurant Les Baigneuses de Biarritz — sipping from time to time a few sips of your colourful fruit cocktail. From your deckchair, you take a delightful sunbath, matifying your skin, sublimating your complexion. Your body facing a majestic shoreline… Until the sun sets and you turn into a nocturnal Venus!

Brûlez de Désir for Biarritz on the Seaside

Our handbags, the Cabas MARCELLE or the hand bag ANTOINETTE, reminds you of this beautiful afternoon where you strolled through the steep streets of Biarritz; around its very famous rock, crowned by a huge statue of the Virgin Mary. While admiring this unusual monument representative of the maritime city, you will feel the appeasement brought by your pleasant walks in the bay of “Miarritze” (Biarritz by its Basque name) and its enchanting beaches lined with delicate pedestrian streets — themselves strewn with coveted neo-Basque style buildings (a picturesque style born during the 19th century).

Explore the Historic Downtown, Match Your ZAKUA Signature Luxury Bag & Wallet

On the lookout for a sensational discovery, you sail from a luxury jewelry store to a notorious haute couture house in the ocean city, ready to use the charms of your superb ELEONORE wallet.

Women call out to you in the street, the looks of love fall on you as you walk so proudly, the softness of the leather of your precious ZAKUA jewellery bag at your fingertips. This is followed by dazzling evenings, drenched in champagne, where you find yourself dreaming — fascinated by the clear lighting of the Biarritz lighthouse, which sweeps over the city’s grandiose architecture dating back to the Belle Époque. Sawing the sky on all sides, the rays of light are eclipsed in the celestial darkness of a warm and bewitching night.


Because our generation and community is more informed and aware, the Z A K U A mission is part of a sustainable and socially ethical approach throughout its creative process — infusing singular design among the major ingredients behind its most glamorous collections.